Every health care organization is seeking ways to reduce IT expenditures. We enjoy one of the lowest employee turn-over rates in the industry, and employ seasoned health care professionals ranging from Architects to Analysts. H2H Solutions has built and sells a number of health care IT products that our team of professionals have designed, built, deployed, and are actively supporting with clients from coast to coast.  Our expertise can assist your organization with system planning, configuration, implementation, and testing with models that include positioning resources on-site, near-site, or in a blended solution, in order to stay within your budgetary constraints.

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  • SureScripts™ Certified
  • Web-based
  • Qualified for CMS Incentive Program
  • Integrate seamlessly with EMR or Practice
    Management systems
  • Drug-drug, drug-food, drug-allergy, drug-dose
    and duplicate therapy warnings
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October 1, 2008
Alteer announces partnership with H2H to offer integrated
e-Prescribing using H2H’s Digital Rx™
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April 27, 2009
LifePoint Informatics announces integrated e-Prescribing for their clients with H2H Digital Rx™
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