Join Our Team!

People are the most coveted resource for any progressive and growing business, and H2H Solutions is constantly looking for that small group of individuals who represent “the best in class”. H2H has provided the guiding light for many persons in search of challenging and rewarding careers over our five-year history, with no end in sight.

Our attention to detail and willingness to “go the extra mile” in terms of attracting the best talent in the industry has proven to be very rewarding to our clients, as well as our team members.

The old expression that “Years may provide experience but it is success that affords one maturity” is very true. We constantly apply our belief in this philosophy as we work with our team members to match their interests and skill-sets with the requirements posed by our clients. We endeavor to create ideal matches that result in successful assignments. Successful assignments build confidence, and confident team members provide outstanding results on behalf of our clients, which in turn directly benefits H2H. Our clients, our team members, and H2H all benefit from designing and fulfilling successful engagements.

H2H provides our team members with opportunities and exposure to projects as diverse as Legacy Systems, distributed environments, insurance, health care, managed care, and Web-enabled applications. This diversity keeps our team members engaged and affords us the ability to provide high-level exposure to a wide array of growth industry assignments.

H2H encourages team members to participate in certification programs, industry user groups, and professional associations that provide exposure to a wide array of cutting edge applications, and compensates individuals on a pre-approved case-by-case basis in terms of skill set upgrade programs.

To put it in a nutshell: H2H believes that our people are the most important resource in our company’s arsenal, and we work diligently to nurture these vital resources every day.