H2H Solutions, Inc. offers a comprehensive web based solution suite that handles the entire set of EDI transactions mandated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). H2H HIPAA Scape encompasses all health care administrative and financial transactions implemented as an ASP model or as a “turn-key” solution.

H2H HIPAA Scape captures, processes, and securely transmits information for the following HIPAA compliant healthcare transactions: enrollment, eligibility status inquiry and response, premium payment, claims submission (professional, dental, and institutional), claim status inquiry and response, referrals, authorizations, certifications, claim attachments, and claims payments (ERA and EFT).

H2H HIPAA Scape is being utilized by physician offices, hospitals, health plans, medical billing companies and third party administrators (TPAs). Any entity that deals with protected health information (PHI) and is covered by the HIPAA regulations will benefit from the functionality and embedded security that includes user authentication, data encryption, secure data transmission and digital signature technologies in order to insure the integrity of all transactions.

H2H HIPAA Scape has been developed on a state-of-the-art open and flexible platform which allows it to easily interface and integrate with existing third party or proprietary applications.

Features of H2H HIPAA Scape:

  • A web based application for creating all HIPAA transactions
  • Can parse data formatted in either XML/JO
  • Creates EDI and also creates customizable XML/JO from EDI
  • Can convert any legacy/proprietary claims format to 837s and vice versa
  • Can capture and populate transaction information into any type of database