Chatbots are interactive applications that are designed to simulate human conversations. The main purpose is to provide a convenient way for our prescribers to reach out to a H2H Digital Rx support and get help.


Now, let’s take a look at the many advantages of chatbots in H2H Digital Rx e-prescribing software:

Reduced Waiting Times
Chatbots enable users to get immediate response and solutions instead of having to pick up the phone, send an email, or even wait in line. In many medical situations, time is of essence. People don’t really have the time to wait for an answer. A recent report from Ubisend found that 69% of consumers use chatbots to get an instant answer to a question. Customers can simply type in a question and the chatbot responds with an appropriate answer in seconds.

Scalable Customer Service
When there is a live agent handling customers on phone, chat, or in person, they can handle only a limited number at the same time. This means as the customers increase, the number of live agents will have to be increased, which means the cost will also increase. Chatbots don’t have this limitation. They’re built to handle thousands of enquiries simultaneously.

Timely Medical Advice
Chatbot can provide timely medical advice. Our prescribers can now simply chat with an AI-powered chatbot and get advice on what steps to take next for a problem or need guidance on the functionalities.