H2H Solutions, Inc. possesses a unique blend of industry and application specific experts, and we strive to analyze the specific characteristics that our clients are seeking in terms of identifying the ideal resource. By effectively asking questions on the front-end of a client engagement, H2H can apply much more specificity in order to introduce individuals from within our midst who have demonstrated competencies and successes that can be referenced from previous engagements.

H2H employs a Team of Professional Recruiters who all posses health care industry expertise, thereby allowing them to quickly ascertain the client’s requirements, and to filter out those candidates from consideration who will clearly not match up well with the client’s expectations, thereby reducing wasted interview sessions for our clients, as well as for our Recruiters. When H2H does submit resources for consideration, our clients can rest assured that our Recruiters have thoroughly reviewed the resource’s work history, communications skills, technical skills, etc., along with all requisite back-ground and reference checking that our clients routinely expect to have been carried out.

H2H is confident in its ability to deliver a high-level of customer service as the direct result of the efforts that are applied before our clients are even exposed to potential resources to consider. Having a seasoned team of Recruiters who understand the Payer and Physician working environments is one of the reasons that H2H has, and will continue to expand in a very competitive marketplace.